Man claims demons and ghosts told him to destroy hotel room

There seems to be more and more paranormally-motivated crime happening these days. That, or people are just crazy as they ever were and ghosts and demons are just the new excuses. A man in Memphis is now behind bars for allegedly trashing his hotel room, because he needed to get rid of the (you guessed it) ghosts and demons.

Dude…that’s NOT ectoplasm on the bedspread.

(WMC-TV) – An Arkansas man is behind bars in Memphis after he allegedly demolished a motel room to free the demons and ghosts trapped in its walls.

Police were called to the Airport Inn, 1441 E. Brooks Rd., early Saturday morning after workers got into an argument with a guest over damage he allegedly did to his room.

The motel’s manager said he watched as Mabry Guenther left his room while water poured from underneath its door. The manager went into the room and told police that Sheetrock had been ripped from the bathroom walls and a microwave and broken pieces of furniture were piled in the bathtub.

Police stopped Guenther, who was wearing only a t-shirt and boxer shorts, about a block away. The 22-year-old told officers he destroyed the room because it was filled with demons and ghosts that needed to be freed, according to court records.

Motel workers said Guenther caused $10,000 in damage to the room. Guenther has been charged with vandalism.

I’ve heard of paranormal investigators using black lights during their investigations, and if this guy had used one, he would have seen that there are far scarier things in motel rooms than ghosts.

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  1. A woman was murdered in that motel a few years ago and her body was stuffed in a box spring mattress (There was a skirt around the bed so you could not see under it.) Her corpse was not discovered for a couple of months until a guest complained about a bad odor in the room. Now , do you wanna ROFL? Maybe this guy really was onto something……

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