Dead Toddler Returns to Life to Ask for Some Water

I always take bizarre stories like this one with a grain of salt, especially when they originate from other countries. We here at The Occult Section tend to run into a lot of sensationalistic journalism from overseas when we’re looking for stories to write about. And everyone knows that the media in the United States is completely fair and balanced and accurate. Ahem. Anyways, enjoy this story of a dead toddler returning to life to ask for water, only to die again.

No, even I won’t make fun of a dead toddler. So here’s a picture of a coffin.

Brazilian media agencies are reporting on a bizarre story out of the northern city of Belém, where a toddler pronounced dead suddenly reanimated shortly before his funeral, and asked his father for a drink of water.

Two-year-old Kelvin Santos was declared officially dead after succumbing to pneumonia at Aberlardo Santos Hospital. The family held an open-casket wake later that same day, inviting relatives to pay their respects.

Then, just one hour before the funeral, the boy unexpectedly sat up and asked his father if he could have “some water.”

“Everybody started to scream,” said Antonio Santos, the boy’s father. “We couldn’t believe our eyes. Then we thought a miracle had taken place and our boy had come back to life.”

Sadly, unlike similar stories in the recent past, the child soon returned to his previous state.

“Then Kelvin just laid back down, the way he was,” Mr. Santos continued. “We couldn’t wake him. He was dead again.”

Kelvin’s family took his body to the hospital in search of answers, but doctors had none. All they could do was scratch their heads and declare him dead once again. The funeral was delayed in hopes that Kelvin would return to life as before, but this time he was truly gone.

“Dead people don’t just wake up and talk,” Mr. Santos said. “I’m determined to find out the truth.”

An official police investigation has been launched.

There is a known phenomenon where dead bodies can appear to talk or make noise, mainly because gases in the body are escaping and can vibrate the vocal chords. I can definitely see this happening and maybe someone who was holding out a bit too much hope attributed this boy to saying more than he actually did. Either way, this is a much more plausible explanation than the “zombie toddler” one being put forth here.

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