Psychic makes woman perform like a porn star to contact dead father

I’m not a big fan of psychics, in general. Call me crazy, but I just don’t care for people who charge people money to give them vague answers that can’t be verified. Even the non-charging “psychics” usually get things wrong, or get things just right enough so that they’re about on par with the daily […]

36 Percent in National Geographic Survey Say UFOs Exist

It seems like a few times a year, these pointless surveys pop up (Bigfoot, ghosts, the paranormal in general, etc.). I’m not sure what people are out to prove with them, or how they get the time, money and resources to conduct them (except for when it’s for a paranormal “reality” TV show), but here’s […]

Florida teacher accused of performing demonic ritual on students

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve no doubt noticed story after story of students being abused by teachers. Teachers bullying children with autism, male teachers putting cameras in the girl’s bathrooms, and even female teachers sleeping with underage male students. What does any of this have to do with the paranormal? Read on… […]

Bigfoot Rooted in Common Myth?

I love when skeptics try to debunk phenomena by putting forth equally ridiculous explanations for said phenomena. I blogged a while back about how Benjamin Radford stated that he believed the chupacabra mystery sprang entirely from the movie “Species.” I am not one to even believe in the chupacabra, but even I felt like that explanation was […]

Ghosts To Marry

I almost hate giving this story any attention, since I wouldn’t be surprised to see “pyschics” charging for spirit weddings in the near future. Just another way to cleanse your wallet your home. And why didn’t the psychics see this coming? Oh yeah, they’re not really psychic. And what do the Republicans think of “ghost […]

Man claims demons and ghosts told him to destroy hotel room

There seems to be more and more paranormally-motivated crime happening these days. That, or people are just crazy as they ever were and ghosts and demons are just the new excuses. A man in Memphis is now behind bars for allegedly trashing his hotel room, because he needed to get rid of the (you guessed […]

Bigfoot Hair for Sale?

There’s a sucker born every minute. Famous words said to have been uttered by P.T. Barnum. And it’s true, no matter what is put out there, there are people bound to believe it or buy into it. This is especially true in the paranormal field. So if you believe orbs are ghosts, I have a […]

College Student Attacks “MonsterQuest”

We generally like to keep a lighthearted point of view here at The Occult Section, but sometimes we come across people who are just begging to have their ass handed to them. Case in point: Trent Carson, a senior from Oklahoma University who pitifully complains about a show that hasn’t even aired a new episode […]

Two Teens Killed Playing a Game of “Ghost Train”

Ever since our first news article here at The Occult Section, we’ve been warning people about the dangers of ghost hunting and urban exploration. Trespassing is not only illegal, but it’s often dangerous, as the location is usually off-limits for a reason. Here is another story of some teenagers who were tragically killed while trying […]

Military Drone Mistaken for UFO in Washington

I’m glad that people are out there, watching the skies (or the highways, in this case). But I’m not quite sure why these same people would believe that the U.S. Government, if they did indeed had an alien spacecraft, would transport the UFO, uncovered, on a flatbed truck for all to see. Especially after years […]