Wanted: Bigfoot Hair Samples

Part of me is really digging this story and its possibilities, and the other part of me is pretty sure this will turn out to be a circus. On the one hand, better, faster, more accurate DNA studies could hugely benefit the world of cryptozoology. On the other hand, every yahoo and yokel who’s ever […]

You Sure That’s a Good Idea?

‘Cuz I don’t. Here’s the full text: I am looking to experiment with haunted dolls and creating them. I have tapped into the paranormal realms and believe that I can have spirits enter dolls that choose to live and exist as them. I am looking for someone that is open minded enough to let me […]

UFO Nearly Causes Mid-Air Collision in Denver?

Birds seem to be getting a bad rap lately when it comes to airplanes and potential (or actual) crashes. It seems as though the pilot of a small airliner spotted something in the sky that he could not identify. The pilot says it looked like a large remote-controlled aircraft, but birds are being thrown into […]

Director Katie Carman and the Paranormal

Well first, I suppose I should introduce myself to you fine readers. My name is Katie Carman, and I’m a film director with a huge interest in all things supernatural.   My first film “Eat Me!” was a comedy with zombies (mostly funny, and a tiny bit gory), and I’m just finishing up my 2nd […]

The Loch Ness Monster in Wisconsin’s Chippewa River

Just a silly story for a dreary Saturday (here in New York City, anyways). Not sure if this is supposed to be Nessie or one of her North American cousins like Champ or Ogopogo. The Loch Ness Monster has finally surfaced—in Wisconsin’s Chippewa River. And state officials want it to go. To be clear, the object […]