Too Funky

GM and the hunters
Gocool(left), Geroge Michael(center), Roche(right)

George Michael, beloved musical icon and philanthropist, may have received a carless whisper from the edge of heaven from an unlikely source near his home in Highgate, Greater London, UK over the weekend. Micky Gocool and Louise Roche of the North London Paranormal Investigators just happened to be passing through on Saturday afternoon while the singer was talking with fans outside. The duo, “sporting black combat boots and [police-style belts] with ghost-nabbing gadgets” then reportedly asked Mr. Michael if he would be interested in assisting them on a case in the highly active Pond Square area.

But wait- that’s not all!

Gocool and Roche also warned Michael that his historic, multi-million dollar mansion could very well be haunted. The mansion happens to be located near the famous Highgate Cemetery, where the Highgate Vampire was first spotted. Another alleged ghost is a 17th century woman who murdered 50 children. A third viable candidate is the fearsome frozen chicken. Yes. Chicken. Gocool cautioned that “the ghost of a chicken which was frozen in 1626 haunts the area just by George’s house.” Good call Gocool, after just barely recovering from a nasty case of pneumonia in late 2011, the last thing Mr. Michael needs is severe food poisoning from 100 year old frost bitten chicken.

It is unclear if Michael had faith enough to listen without prejudice, but he did take the time to pose for a picture with the investigators which ran in the local newspaper. What a mensch.


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