Ghostly face seen at Sutton car park

Okay, I’ll be honest. I saw this article and thought it not exciting enough to blog – I mean, really, how many photos of things that look like faces/ghosts but really aren’t can we blog about? (Sidenote: holy crap, that took a long time to link.) But this one out of the UK (they LOVE ghosts over there!) had me giggling, mostly because the story itself has these little things that make it seem like the beginning of a Monty Python movie.

Is this spooky face haunting car parks around the borough?

This is, without a doubt, 100% paranormal. Yup.

The picture caught on camera by Colin Pantling, seems to show a face peering from the Times Square multi-storey car park.

The spectral image appears to have captured the attention of the man on the motorbike.

Mr Pantling said: “I was out with my camera looking for roosting birds in the trees and to my surprise I found this ghostly image staring across the road, does anyone know who it might be?”

It is not the first time a multi-storey car park in Sutton has witnessed a strange occurrence over the past couple of years.

There was the mystery of the moving car in the Brighton Road car park in August, 2010, after a women returned from a shopping trip, only to find her car parked in a different spot to where she had left it.

Convinced her car had moved “of its own accord”, the woman rang the council to ask if the car park was haunted, believing she had been the victim of a poltergeist.

CCTV footage showed the car apparently rolling forward unaided.

Councillor Simon Wales, Communities and Transport spokesman at Sutton Council, said: “This isn’t the first time we’ve heard reports of spooky goings on in this area.

“I’m afraid that fans of the supernatural will be disappointed though – our staff checked CCTV footage of the area, which showed her car gently rolling into a different bay, after she forgot to apply her handbrake.”

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