OMG, an orb!! It’s a ghost!!

Ha! Made you look! We’ve said it before: orbs aren’t paranormal. Though judging by this story from the UK, some people haven’t seen the memo yet.

GHOSTLY goings-on have been captured at Huddersfield railway station.

A mysterious glowing white orb has been recorded floating through the station shop on four separate occasions – and it’s now been caught on camera.

The spooky phenomenon has only come to light after a hi-tech CCTV system was installed in the shop.

Shopkeeper Darryl Townend explained: “We’ve just had a new security system installed which detects movement.

“Last week it detected something on three or four occasions – it looks like a white light.

“It’s globe-shaped, like an orb. It’s certainly strange.

“Last Friday was a really good one, it was really vivid.

“It came in front of the camera. It’s like a round white light and it shot across the room and then appeared to go through the wall.

“It’s really eerie.”

He added: “The station’s recently been refurbished and the part of the shop that it’s being spotted in used to be the waiting room area.

“It doesn’t happen in the main shop.

“All the staff have seen it and it’s really strange.”

Mr Townend, who has been running the shop at the station for 10 years, said he first noticed the strange light on Monday last week.

He said they had thought there was something wrong with their motion-activated system but the glowing orb had returned several times.

He added: “We’ve altered the sensitivity settings on the cameras but it’s still being triggered.”

Yet despite the unsettling discovery he said they would not be calling in the Ghostbusters or searching the Yellow Pages for an exorcist.

“It only happens on an evening at the moment,” he said.

“As long as it stays that way it’s not a problem”.

I’m going to reserve my own comment and instead share the comments left by readers on the article itself, which are delightfully funny with a fun twist of Britishness thrown in:
“Its an insect. We get them on our CCTV all the time…
Ive never felt the need to inform the examiner though” – T3
“It is a moth ball.
Not paranormal, more parafocus of cheap camera.” – Mameluke
“Good advertising idea !” – Aliban
“WOW! How scarey is that. I had to close my eyes I was so frightened. The Examiner should be ashamed of putting such horrific things in the paper. What an absolute load of tripe. Get real and put newsworthy stuff in the paper, not this twaddle”– hardupandfedup

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