Find Bigfoot and Win a Free House

How much is Bigfoot worth? According to one man in Fayetteville, Arkansas, about $80K. He’s offering up his house to anyone who can bring him Bigfoot. And in case you don’t take him seriously enough, he has retained a law firm and has an affidavit that explains, in all seriousness, what his terms are.

An anonymous member of a local online community seems to be serious about the following offer: Deliver me a Bigfoot, receive my house.

If you're lucky, maybe you'll wake up to this on Christmas morning in your new home.

According to a recent message posted to the Fayetteville Freethinkers forum, anyone who can catch Bigfoot and bring him in will receive the title deed to an actual house located here in Fayetteville.

There’s even an attached affidavit signed on April 11 by local attorney Greg Klebanoff of Klebanoff Law Firm which outlines the legal details in an attempt to demonstrate the legitimacy of the offer.

Robert Lipford, managing director at the firm, verified the group’s involvement in their client’s offer Tuesday afternoon by telephone.

The bounty appears to be offered by the same person who left a comment on a local news story regarding a guide who was recently cited for leading a Bigfoot search in the Buffalo National River area without an expedition permit.

“First person to bring me a Bigfoot gets my house,” wrote fayfreethinker late last month.

If you stumble across Bigfoot and are interested in trading him in for a house, you might consider calling the Klebanoff Law Firm at 479-442-7400.

Good luck and happy hunting.

You know who I wouldn’t want to be in this situation? The second person who brings this guy Bigfoot. Womp womp.

(Also, as a random aside, with these types of stories the best stuff’s in the comments below the article!)

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