Toms River couple sues landlord over ‘haunted house’

Dude. Really?

Yup. A New Jersey couple who rented a house moved out shortly thereafter claiming the home was haunted. Then, quite naturally, sued the landlord. I mean, that’s what people do, right? Suing someone else over ridiculousness is one of the benchmarks of our society. Especially when you sue over something that cannot be proven.


I was going to do this whole funny caption, but instead I'm shocked to discover how much Shaggy looks like a ginger Grant Wilson.

TOMS RIVER — Are you afraid of the dark?

A Toms River couple is suing their landlord for $2,250 — their security deposit — claiming that an abundance of paranormal activity forced them to vacate only a week after moving into the rental home, the Asbury Park Press reported.

Jose Chinchilla and his fiancee Michele Callan said that odd things began happening soon after move-in. Whispers, footsteps, doors slamming and lights flickering were reported throughout the house, the Press wrote.

Clothes that were folded and put away were found laying on the floor and the couple claimed to record a voice saying “Let it burn,” according to ABC News.

Their landlord Richard Lopez, an orthodontist whose practice neighbors the house in question says that the couple fabricated the story because they could not afford rent and wanted out of the one-year lease, the Press wrote.

Lopez has filed a counter suit against the couple and a hearing is expected at the end of April, the Press wrote.

Perhaps Jose and Michelle should be more concerned about a). burglars, b). electrical problems, c). drafty windows, d). skittery critters, e). misbehaving children, or even f). EMF hypersensitivity?

Nahhhhh. Definitely a ghost. Best to sue first, figure out the truth later. God Bless America!

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