Rihanna used to be a UFO hunter

Ah, celebrities and the paranormal. We can’t get enough of it here at The Occult Section (see also: Sammy Hagar; Fran Drescher, Susan Boyle, etc.). It’s always humorous, and often detrimental to the field. But isn’t everything these days? Now comes news that Rihanna used to look for UFOs with her dad. And this story…oh, wait a second. This one is NOT completely crazy!

I actually go easy on her in this post, even though she’s starring in a movie based on the Hasbro game “Battleship.” And I’m still hoping CM Punk knocks out Chris Brown.

The 24-year-old singer says her father Ronald Fenty used to have her sit on the doorstep of their home in Bridgetown, Barbados, and monitor the skies for signs of extra-terrestrial activity.

She said: “My dad used to make me sit outside on the steps all night long looking for UFOs flying by, and I had to do that for years.

“I didn’t see any but I saw a falling star once and I was like, ‘Yessss, Dad! Come and see, it just darted’.”

The ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker – who goes to war with aliens in new movie ‘Battleship’ – admits her role as Navy gunner Raikes has deepened her admiration for those who fight for their country.

She told The Sun newspaper: I have so much respect for soldiers.

“They dedicate their lives to saving other lives and saving their countries and a lot of times they don’t even get recognised for it, even when they come back. Sometimes they don’t have a place to go.

“It’s really sad but they put themselves on the line out there and I admire them so, so much.

“It really takes a certain character and person with a certain discipline to be a soldier.”

Rihanna admits her acting debut has given her a taste for the big screen, but insists she won’t be turning her back on music any time soon.

She said: “Doing movies and getting into acting is something that I always wanted to try and I never knew whether I would like it, hate it or love it but I just wanted to try it.

“It ended up being a really awesome experience. But I don’t see why I can’t do both acting and music.”

It’s good to see she isn’t claiming to be abducted by aliens or anything else outrageous like some celebs seem to enjoy doing. This is just a pretty simple and sweet story. Wait a second, why am I being so nice? Has my heart actually been warmed a bit? Uh-oh…

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