Supernatural Supermarket: Prices so low, they’re six feet under!

scary groceries
Picture by Federico Chiesa

Residual energy of dissatisfied shoppers long past, aisle 4.

One IGA supermarket in Brompton, Australia is feeling the cold chills this week after capturing what they feel is paranormal activity on three of the store’s surveillance cameras.

VooJuice: A tropical witch-doctor who loves to put curses on his prey. The TV ads in the UK & down under for Fruit Winders (roll ups) showed a fruit with a face being "winded" by a villain.

The footage shows a box of fruit roll ups being flung from one aisle over, through the bow tie pasta, into its neighboring aisle. This occurrence is purported to have happened at 11:30PM after the store has closed and is not the first of its kind. A similar incident supposedly occurred with a pack of digestive biscuits. Shoppers at the store also report a heavy atmosphere in the store.

My guess is that it’s just the spirit of crazy old VooJuice all bent out of shape cause he couldn’t find the roll ups with the tongue tattoos. Either that or he was mad because all they had in stock was strawberry flavor, which cuts up your tongue like Sour Patch Kids if you suck on them too long. I could be wrong though.

The current owner of the store was warned when he bought the store a little over a year ago that it was haunted. Some speculate that these mysterious events could be linked to the death of world-famous boxer Bora Altintas, who was shot in front of the store in 1998. A bullet hole from the attack is still visible inside the phone booth where Altintas was shot. Others claim that the video is a fake, generated to publicize the supermarket and drum up business. Whatever the case, with 90,000+ views, IGA’s security footage has gone viral and viewers are eager to believe.

The Adelaide Paranormal Detectives have been called in to verify the footage and investigate the store. At this time, the team believes the video to be genuine and thinks they may have gotten some EVP phenomena, but in the absence of definitive proof their search is still classified as an ongoing investigation. They have not yet been able to recreate the video, claiming that the box bounces in the video where as they can only get it to land flat.

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