Middlesbrough mum spooked by ghostly shape caught on camera

Yes folks, I do apologize. This is yet another “another ghost caught on camera?” post. (PS: the answer to the question is pretty much always no). Shockingly, this story is from Britain (cough cough so is every other story I’m doing lately!) and looks pretty fake from the get-go. There’s more than one popular “ghost capture” app out there for a multitude of phones…and more than one news outlet out there willing to cover hoaxes as truth (here’s a story about another one).

I, too, look this angry when consuming chips

A GHOSTLY snapshot has sent chills down the spine of a Middlesbrough mum who fears her home could be haunted.

Sceptic Diane Toman is not one to jump to conclusions.

But the 42-year-old non-believer has been left baffled after an apparent apparition was caught on camera in her Percy Street terraced home.

And the spooky sighting has thoroughly shaken her daughter Cheryl, 21, who refuses to stay over at her mum’s home any more.

Diane, 42, a mum of three, said: “I’m not sure what it is. We think it’s a ghost.”

The picture was taken by Diane’s son, Matthew Toman, 19.

Diane, who was eating crisps at the time and does not smoke in the house, said: “My son bought a new phone and he was playing with it.

“Then, when he looked back at the photo, he said ‘look mum, look at that’.

“I was quite shocked.”

The image appears to show a skull shape on the wall behind Diane, who is also mum to Stephen Fawcett, 24, and has been living in the house for two-and-a-half years.

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