Granville’s Buxton Inn for sale

I love these kind of stories. Imagine owning a supposedly haunted location (this particular one is in Ohio)? Coolness x a billion. Unless, of course, some reality TV show cast members from a paranormally-themed show snatch it up before anyone else can (since they have plenty of disposable income) and then make it into a huge money making venture for themselves. Again. Aherm.

Granville’s venerable Buxton Inn is for sale for a cool $3.9 million. Ghosts included.

Built in 1812, the Buxton is the state’s oldest continually operating inn doing business in the original building. The sale includes the inn, which is comprised of five buildings located at 313 E. Broadway, and five other historic buildings on nearby East Elm and South Pearl streets, according to the listing by Street Sotheby’s International Realty.

Owners Audrey and Orville Orr are retiring after owning the Licking County inn since 1972.

A well-known central Ohio attraction, the inn is believed to be haunted by the apparitions of former innkeepers, and guests have reported strange phenomena such as the sounds of ghostly footsteps and doors mysteriously opening and closing on their own.

Ghost hunters and potential buyers can learn more at the inn’s website:

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