To Ouija, or Not to Ouija

You scream; I scream; we all scream for – scary movies! Yes, even the upcoming ones that have just a smidgeon of a chance to turn out totally lame. Enter “Ouija,” Universal Pictures’ newest interest in the realm of paranormal-genre movies. Although the idea sounds a bit cheesy, hit director Michael Bay’s production company is being mentioned often, which is doing a great job of keeping the interest factor high. So what is all the hype about? Why is the Ouija (or anything relating to the use of one) always so intriguing?

“Ouija,” with a release date set for sometime in 2013, has been on and off of the chopping block in the past, with a script that seemed left for the dead. It was, however, recently revived, only with a budget that seems to have lost a little blood. Interestingly, Jason Blum; the producer behind the “Paranormal Activity” set, is also poised to pounce on this opportunity to connect the dead, with the living, again. We can only hope for him to pull off something as insidious as, well, “Insidious.”

A movie about the Ouija board? Well, at least that hasn’t been done for a few years… but wait, if we WATCH someone doing the Ouija, isn’t that supposed to open us up to being bothered by evil spirits? Or is that only if you’re touching the board? So really, you are signing up to join a movie theater full of demon-possessed zombies? Count me in. I’m certain watching five million dollars be totally wasted will be worth it, as long as I get to take home my very own ghost!

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