Mystery surrounds ghostly appearance during play

The Brits love ghosts – I daresay even moreso than Americans do. Every story I find as of late seems to be from Britain. So let’s get this party started…first up, from the Wirral News:

The article didn't provide the photo in question, so I found this oldie-time drawing of how people used to make ghosts appear on stage.

MYSTERY surrounds the appearance of a ghostly image taken during the performance of a spooky play in Wirral.

The unexpected ghoulish face was noticed in a photo taken by a crew member in an amateur musical production of Dennis Wheatley’s cult novel A Devil Rides Out.

At the precise moment in the show when the spirit of dead Satanist Tanith is being raised, a crew member snapped an archive photograph.

Afterwards, the local drama group in Wirral got the shock of their lives when they saw the picture taken at the Leasowe Castle Hotel.

The cast and crew insist the spooky spectre was definitely not a part of the show.

Colin McCourt, the creator of the musical, said: “The original production at the Neptune Theatre in Liverpool, which starred Bernie Nolan, was plagued with weird events that nobody could explain.

“The stage crew even threatened to walk out at one point.”

And after the ghostly happenings at Leasowe Castle, Colin said: “Some cast members said they felt a little uneasy that night at the Leasowe Castle Hotel, but I just shrugged it off.

“The castle is said to be haunted and one of our cast members is a medium and she continually said she could feel the presence of a male spirit throughout our rehearsals.”

Colin said: “As far as I know it’s not someone playing a joke, it’s just weird. Maybe it’s a trick of the light or something. But I always say it’s not the dead ones that frighten me, anyway.”

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