The Occult Section on Unknown Origins Radio Tonight

Ok, shameless self-promotion time once again. Tonight at 8pm ET, on the awesome Unknown Origins Radio show, I will be the guest, talking about our little blog here, The Occult Section. We taped the show a little over a week ago, and we talked about a variety of topics, just like we do here on the blog, everything from Bigfoot, ghosts and UFOs to Mothman and the strange sounds being heard all over the world right now and even some lesser-known cryptids. I was on the show once before, for their Paranormal Roundtable, and it was a great time, and this show was also a lot of fun. thanks to hosts Mark Johnson, Loren DePinto and Karrie-Ann Versace for being awesome and fun hosts. And while I didn’t get a chance to give shout outs during the show (and hour goes by incredibly fast), I have to thank Michelle Mason and Laura Pennace for their contributions to the blog and helping me get it to where it is today.

And if you can’t catch the show tonight, you can always find it in the archived shows section of their website.

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