Accused Wife Beater Claims Ghost Caused Wife’s Injuries

In what seems to be an epidemic, ghosts are now apparently comitting a series of crimes. And the criminal activity is escalating. Whereas last time it was just a case of stolen goods, now a Wisconsin man, who is accused of beating his wife, says that a ghost is responsible for her injuries. Hell, it’s better than “she fell down the stairs.”

He may be available soon, ladies. But the ghost that follows him may strangle and beat you.

JANUARY 20–A Wisconsin man charged with domestic abuse told cops that a “ghost” was actually responsible for injuries suffered by his wife, according to police.

The bizarre claim by Michael West, 41, did not prevent the Fond du Lac man’s arrest for strangulation, battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. West is pictured in the mug shot at right.

According to a January 18 criminal complaint, West and his spouse got into an argument Sunday that turned violent. The victim told cops that West twice strangled her, and that he punched her in the face when she tried to dial 911.

When cops arrived at the couple’s home, the crying woman was bleeding from the nose and had blood on her Packers jersey.

During police questioning, West claimed his wife sustained her injuries to her face and neck during several falls. When pressed by a cop–who pointed to marks on the woman’s neck–the intoxicated West shifted his story. “A ghost did it,” he said.

In light of the apparition claim, officers sought to place West in custody. After a struggle, he was handcuffed and transported to the county lockup, where he remains in custody in lieu of $1000 bail.

It’s no surprise that this guy was drunk. But still, that’s the best excuse he could come up with? In other news, 37 local paranormal teams have been trying to contact the couple to see if they could go in and investigate.

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  1. This is just sick. But I do have to wonder why he chose that particular excuse? Maybe he was hoping that it was so unbelievable that they would believe it?

  2. I guess when you have a drinking problem and mix it with domestic violence you’ll say anything to get out of it. Unfortunately people do not understand that when you poison yourself with any substance you open yourself up to negative experiences. This guy truly is crying out for help but probably doesnt know how to communicate this. It is sad. Maybe he’ll stop pointing the finger at everyone else including our friends from the other side and start looking at the man in the mirror. I hope he does.

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