“The House Isn’t Haunted, You Nitwits”

The Spencer Mountain Mansion, located in North Carolina, is reported to be haunted. Not only is it reported to be haunted, but it has been turned into a Halloween season attraction, complete with a website that includes dripping blood. Classy.

At a time when the paranormal is so “in” that logic is so often tossed out the window, this is refreshing to see. It is a letter to the editor of the local paper, from what I’m guessing is an older resident of the area, who is “Oh Snapping” the sensationalism. I read her letter and got a little sad, even though I have never heard of this place until now.

As former residents of Spencer Mountain, we would like to assure the citizens of Gaston County that there is not and never has been any haunting or paranormal event surrounding the Spencer Mountain mansion. We wish you could have seen this home in its “glory days,” when the Love Family lived there. It was a mansion to us, beautiful and filled with beautiful people. We played with the children and were invited into their lovely home on many occasions.

After the house was abandoned, if there was an occasional light seen drifting through the rooms, it was in their own words, brothers Paul and Dowell McGee and friends who said they had been in the house at most any hour of any day or night and had never seen anything.

Even after the deterioration, we never pass by without a feeling of sadness, but also having pleasant memories and positive emotion about this house. There is no way any evil spirit could reside in a place filled with such happy memories and love. We just want to say that if there was ever a “spirit” at Spencer Mountain, it was a spirit of love, joy, fun and respect for each other then and now … even after 80 years.

Mollie Hawkins High

Considering how small Spencer Mountain, North Carolina is (population as of the 2000 census: 51), I imagine this woman, who is a lifelong resident of the area, is probably a pretty reputable source. Homegirl knows what many others choose to ignore: assuming a place is haunted does not mean it’s haunted; and if you want a place to be haunted, you will find a way to have a “paranormal” experience. So what that it’s an old, spooky building? So what there is a cemetery nearby? These do not automatically = haunted. The power of the imagination is staggering. So is the desire to make money off the paranormal trend.

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