An Awkwardly Obvious Hoax Published in the Local News

Oh my. What happens when a family wants some media attention, and mixes a psychic who also wants media attention? This hot mess. A clearly faked photo, sleep paralysis being confused for paranormal activity, a small child who sees Santa, and a psychic who declares without a doubt there is a portal in the house where multiple spirits are freely entering? You betcha.

After playing with this picture in Photoshop, I'm pretty sure it's the ghost of Napoleon up there.

WHEN Lavinia Heremaia moved into her home in Point Vernon in the middle of 2009 she knew immediately something wasn’t right.

Despite her feelings she decided to stay in the house and that is now a decision she has come to regret.

It started with Chase telling her about a man he called “Santa” who sometimes came to play with him.

Lavinia didn’t know what to believe – until early one morning she said the supernatural being paid a visit to her room.

The next thing she knew she was lying on her bed, totally paralysed. She could see and hear but was unable to move a single part of her body, except for her eyes.

The psychic medium told the family there was a porthole in Jacob’s room releasing spirits into the home.

Accompanying the poorly written article (where each paragraph comprises of one sentence of what ends up being a disjointed story – disjointed because each sentence is given its own paragraph) is a photo that was apparently taken with a camera phone. But don’t worry – there’s an app for that.

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