Ghost Sex At Ohio Haunted House?

This is one of those stories that makes you look at your calendar to see if it’s somehow April 1st, or to double check and make sure you’re not reading The Onion. But this does appear to be a true story. Apparently, a woman in Ohio is claiming that her granddaughter caught an image of some ghosts having sex on her cell phone camera. Read the story and then see my thoughts on this.

A house in Euclid, Ohio, is arousing interest from ghost researchers because the owner claims that she has seen two ghosts having sex with each other.

Dianne Carlisle claims that she has seen afterlife amore going in the living room, which seems to be more of a living-and-dead room.

“It look like, like ghosts having sex,” she told the Fox affiliate in Cleveland. “You can see the lady’s high heeled shoes!”

If true, this represents an extraordinary development in paranormal research, according to Ohio-based investigator David Jones.

“This has never been reported before,” Jones told HuffPost Weird News. “It would be interesting to know more about the house, especially [Carlisle’s deceased sister], who supposedly left a voicemail message from the afterlife. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with [the sex], but I do wonder how long it’s been going on.

Jones says ghosts are examples of residual energy that get imprinted on to a certain location and aren’t always from dead people.

“It’s possible that the ghost could be [Carlisle] from an earlier age,” he said.

Although Carlisle claims she has pictures of the ghosts “getting busy” that were snapped by her four-year-old granddaughter Kimora while she was playing with Dianne’s cell phone in the living room, paranormal experts likeAmy Allan, star of the Travel Channel series“The Dead Files,” is skeptical.

“I’ve never seen two dead people who were conscious entities have intercourse,” Allan told HuffPost Weird News. “I have heard of people having sex with ghosts, but not this.”

Based on the evidence she’s seen from the news report, Allan is skeptical.

“All we have are a few images that don’t relate well to YouTube,” she said.

But paranormal researcher Alexandra Holzer, whose dad, Hans Holzer, was a pioneer in the field, says the case, while unusual, is not uncommon.

“These could be two spirits who knew each other in life and have a connection to the house,” she said. “When you’re dealing with residual energy — which is what a ghost is — any intense emotional experience can be imprinted, and that could be an act of passion or of murder.”

On the other hand, she says it’s possible that the ghostly lovers had no connection with each other when they were on Earth and simply found themselves in the afterworld.

Holzer recommends more research be done on the house, and says that might require researchers as well as psychics who can communicate with any of the spirits that may be lurking.

“You have to speak to ghosts conversationally,” she advised. “Say something like, ‘I can appreciate it that you have a connection with each other, but we have children here.”

Jones, who lives three hours away from the horny haunted house, says he’d love to investigate this afterlife orgy, but Allan says there’s not a ghost of a chance she will devote an episode to the horny house.

“It’s better for the Playboy Channel, than the Travel Channel,” she laughed.

Where to even begin here? I have a 4-year-old, and he’s taken some pretty weird images with my cell phone and iPod cameras. I don’t usually jump to the “ghosts having sex” conclusion, though. I’m guessing it’s just an artifact from the TV or a reflection of some kind. A blurred image mixed with a healthy dose of matrixing. Add in a paranormal investigator who doesn’t look for rational explanations first, and you have your recipe for ghost sex. If it is indeed “ghost sex” caught on film, then I would definitely have to say this is of something residual, as Alexandra Holzer pointed out. But overall, I’m pretty skeptical of this being anything paranormal. No surprise that ghost hunters are coming out of the woodwork to investigate this, though…

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