SyFy Adds a New Paranormal Series Called School Spirits

At this point, I’m wondering why the SyFy Channel doesn’t just change its name. Sure, they still play lots of bad sci-fi movies, but their roster of shows dealing with the paranormal keeps growing and growing. Witness this article talking about how Survivor creator Mark Burnett will be producing a new show for the network with Celebrity Ghost Stories’ Seth Jarrett.

Syfy doesn’t appear to be shying away from the ghost business anytime soon. The network, which continues to air the popular unscripted series Ghost Hunters, is set to bring another paranormal-themed show to the network, which tells the true stories of potentially haunted schools across the country.

According to Deadline, Syfy has ordered a series by Survivor’s Mark Burnett andCelebrity Ghost Stories’ Seth Jarrett. School Spirits is set up as a six-episode series that features schools across America that may be haunted by ghosts. Students, teachers, parents and staff will provide testimonials of the things they’ve encountered at their school.

Deadline doesn’t say if all of the schools featured will be grade schools, or if universities will also be included in the series, but it sounds like it could be interesting. While I’m sure there are plenty of old elementary and high schools out there, it’s likely that there are just as many universities with ghost-stories attached to them in some way.

To add a bit of drama to the series, the show will include “cinematic reenactments,” presumably to demonstrate some of the things people claim to have witnessed or experienced at the schools.

I do wish they’d start showing some more realism in their reality shows, though. The funniest thing to me (and others in the know) about this article is calling Ghost Hunters unscripted.

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  1. That is funny calling Ghost Hunters unscripted. And it’s funny that Mark Burnett’s jumping on the ghostie bandwagon. And I agree with you…Syfy should consider another name change!

  2. School Spirits sounds like a nice premise. I remember back in my old high scool we had the legend of the ghost train. Every day around the same time. Everyone in the school heard a train whistle blow. Even though there was no whistle and no device to make the sound. It freaked everyone out.

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