Alien abductions just vivid dreams?

I’ve never been a big believer in alien abductions. I believe in the possibility, of course, and I even believe that it’s possible that at some point in our history, extraterrestrials may have abducted a person or persons. I do not, however, believe that alien abductions happen on a regular basis. For one, it always […]

The Mystery of the Giant LEGO Man

I came across this story this morning, and while there’s nothing paranormal or otherworldly about it, it definitely falls into the “weird news” category. Plus it’s a bit more lighthearted than what we usually cover here. Apparently an 8-foot tall LEGO man (you know the building block toys?) washed up on a beach near Siesta […]

A Werewolf on the loose in Woodbridge?

I came across this story today, and it’s stuff like that that gives cryptozoology a bad name. Bad enough we have the attention-hungry hoaxers, but then I see little stories like this that, though seemingly harmless, have a cumulative effect on society at large and their perception of cryptozoology and the people who actually conduct […]

SyFy Adds a New Paranormal Series Called School Spirits

At this point, I’m wondering why the SyFy Channel doesn’t just change its name. Sure, they still play lots of bad sci-fi movies, but their roster of shows dealing with the paranormal keeps growing and growing. Witness this article talking about how Survivor creator Mark Burnett will be producing a new show for the network […]

US Navy’s New Stealth Drone Resembles UFO

While this story about the Navy’s new stealth drone is admittedly pretty cool, I’m sure this will spark a whole lot of new UFO sightings while this is being tested. Or the government can use this as a convenient excuse for UFO sightings. I guess it depends on which side of the fence you’re on. […]

Has the Yeti Really Been Discovered?

Over the past few days, the internet has been buzzing with stories from Russia, with scientists there claiming to have “95 Percent Proof Of The Existence Of Yeti.” A number of researchers went to Siberia recently to find proof of the legendary beast, and are now claiming to have evidence of the creature’s existence. We’ve […]

Monte Grande Disaster Remains Unexplained

Last week, we told all you all about the mysterious events in Monte Grande, Argentina, which remained unexplained. The short version: Late at night, there was a massive explosion that destroyed a few houses and left seven injured and one dead. Residents made various claims about what they saw, including blue and/or red fireballs. One […]

Far Side Friday 10/7/11

Growing up, I was a faithful reader of The Far Side by Gary Larson. My dad always brought home his newspaper from work (do people still even read newspapers on actual paper anymore?) and I’d go straight to the comics section to read The Far Side. I’ve always loved the humor of Gary Larson, even if some of […]

Budd Hopkins, father of the UFO Alien Abduction Movement, Dead at 80

I’m not sure how I missed this, but UFO author and alien abduction specialist Budd Hopkins died on August 21st. I read many of his books, and although at many times, I found them hard to believe, they were still compelling tales. His influence on the UFO community, whether you agreed with him or not, […]

Chupacabra in Russia?

As any regular reader of this blog knows by now, I’m not sure which side of the fence I fall on when it comes to the chupacabra. On the one hand, it seems like it’s purely an internet-generated myth, and the more media hype about it there is, the more people claim that any mangy […]