Investigators claim ghost haunts East Coast Park

I saw this story today, and immediately realized it was a good news/bad news situation. The good news? A paranormal group is actually using some old school methods while investigating claims of the paranormal, rather than watching Ghost Hunters every week and doing exactly what they do. The bad news? It’s yet another group claiming to have “proof” of a ghost and that the ghost communicated with them via their EMF meter. Yeah.

A group of paranormal investigators has claimed to have proven the existence of a female ghost haunting the Yellow Tower at East Coast Park.

According to citizen journalism website Stomp, the ghost left behind evidence of its existence and communicated with the investigators.

Footprints of the ghost were captured on powder left on the stairs of the tower.

The ghost also told the investigators that it was her footprints by communicating with them via an electromagnetic field meter.

According to a Stomp reader, it was the ghost of a girl who had died after being raped at the Yellow Tower.

She had went there with her boyfriend one night when a group of men beat up the boyfriend and raped her.

She allegedly died after the assault, while her ghost remained to haunt the tower.

Th photos accompanying this article do indeed show that the powder had been disturbed, but it’s a big leap to claim that it’s proof of a ghost. Mistakes happen in this field, and people sometimes contaminate their own investigations. I believe this same powder technique was used on an episode of Haunted Collector last season on SyFy (I say last season because it was renewed for a new season) and Chris Zaffis (the son of John Zaffis) actually stepped in the powder that was put down by Brian J. Cano. Mistakes do happen, and at least Haunted Collector showed us this.

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