Erie Burglar Steals Bigfoot Costume and Copper Piping

We love local police blotters and their related stories here at The Occult Section. Usually they’re pretty boring and mundane, but every now and then we find a little nugget of paranormal awesomeness. Laura Pennace usually tackles these stories, but as she’s on a sabbatical of sorts, I’ll take this one.

Where's the zipper?

Erie Police are on the lookout for bigfoot. Or at least someone dressed like the giant man-like creature.

And he or she might be carrying some copper piping in their bigfoot paws.

“Oh yeah, if you see anything, just give us a call,” Erie Police Lt. Lee Mathis said today.

On Sept. 5, the owner of a vacant home in the 100 block of Briggs Street reported a break-in.

The homeowner said copper piping leading to the home’s water heater and baseboards had been ripped out.

Also, the homeowner’s bigfoot costume was taken from a closet.

It’s not known how much the piping cost. But the bigfoot costume is estimated to be worth at least $120, Mathis said.

He said the homeowner didn’t indicate what he used the costume for or how long it had been in his possession.

“We are assuming it is a full-sized adult costume,” Mathis said, adding this is one of the most unusual burglaries the department has investigated.

“We usually don’t run across a bigfoot costume being taken,” he said.

Copper piping is well-known to be one of those items that gets stolen a lot (well, I watch a lot of “Cops” and “The Simpsons,” so if they are to be believed…). But I would guess that a Bigfoot costume would be pretty bulky to carry out during a robbery, especially if you’re also stealing copper piping. Maybe the burglar is just looking to have a really bizarre Halloween costume?

One thought on “Erie Burglar Steals Bigfoot Costume and Copper Piping

  1. Burglars are crazy. And who knows maybe they just have always wanted a big foot costume. This is still one of the strangest crimes I’ve ever heard of. Right up next to the robber who filled out a resume while robbing a store.

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