Ghost Nun Goes Back to School

At the Colegio Providencia school in Antofagasta, Chile, there seems to be more floating around than just the sanctioned Catholic spirits. The ghost of Sister Febronia Araneda is said to have been haunting the school since her death in 1973. Apparently, she was a strict principal who was so attached to her job of nearly 40 years she couldn’t even let it go in the afterlife.

Sister Febronia was said to be very strict when she was alive, but the faculty, including principal Eliana Olivares Parra, believe that she is there to right wrongs and protect those working and studying at Colegio Providencia. Upon hearing these claims, some ex-students have come forward, saying that if it is indeed Febronia haunting the halls, there is no way she is there to do good. These naysayers tell stories of Febronia hitting students and shaking a little bell that alerted students of her being nearby, which terrified them. There are stories of her walking, almost floating, down the halls at night in complete darkness and silence, always wearing her immaculate white habit.

There are not very many reports and videos of ghost hunters who have gone back to school in search of Sister Febronia, and the few there are consist of the typical vague flashes of light, opening and closing doors, and bursts of cold air that most “sightings” entail. One report also claims to have seen a man’s spirit in the school, but no one else seems to have evidence of this guy. The video linked to above shows computers mysteriously turning on, which maybe suggests Febronia has managed to keep up from beyond?

I just like that, although there are those who are Team Febronia and those who are against the mean nun, for the most part, the community agrees she’s there. The Sister could be considered quite media-savvy too, seeing as she has been seen most often in the north wing of the building, where the Media Studies department is located. Maybe she knows where she can get the most attention, or maybe she’s just worried about the state of the media today?

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