Colin Wilson’s Super Consciousness

In his 2009 book Super Consciousness, Colin Wilson describes the phenomenon of what he calls peak experiences. These moments of extreme realization and observation might not be common experiences, but they do happen with some repetition in healthy individuals. In fact, studies have shown that the more aware of this we become, the more likely […]

Amateur Ghost Hunters Think Devices are ‘Ghost Finders’

One of my biggest pet peeves lately is when the media (or even ghost hunting groups) claim that any devices used in paranormal investigations are “ghost-detecting equipment.” It just furthers the myth that anything caught with these devices is automatically a ghost, and prevents people from thinking more critically and searching for rational explanations first. […]

Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident a Hoax?

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident is one of the most well-known and best-documented cases of a UFO encounter that we have, taking place over multiple nights and involving numerous high-ranking military officials as witnesses. Many skeptics have come out over the years trying to debunk it, and the best explanation the skeptics have been able to […]

Paranormal Team Claims It Caught Photo of Ghost

Stories like this always bother me. Not because some group captured something interesting and used it as a means of getting onto local TV, but because they are claiming it to be a photograph of a ghost. And then when other teams call them out on this, they get angry and defensive. You can’t call […]

Exercise and the Paranormal

There is surprising new scientific evidence out there that indicates that exercise changes brain chemistry in ways that extend far beyond the storied “runner’s high.” This evidence has some serious implications on the world of the occult, as well. These brain changes allow people to become more observant, retain information better, improve mood, and sharpen […]

Haunt Jaunt to Bucks County, PA

I’m doing a little something different today. Our good friend Courtney Mroch, who runs the awesome blog Haunt Jaunts, recently had the site hacked, and had to change the entire look of the site, the domain hosting, etc. The site is back up and running now, but as a little tribute to her and to […]

Crop Circles: High-tech Hoaxes?

Crop circles have never really intrigued me. They are too easily hoaxed, many people have stepped forward showing how they have hoaxed them, and even if they weren’t hoaxed, I don’t buy into the “aliens are using UFOs to create them in order to communicate with us” theory. If they’ve mastered interstellar travel, I’m sure […]

UFO Found at the Bottom of the Ocean?

In a very interesting story, some Swedish underwater treasure hunters have found a large, circular, disk-like craft on the ocean floor. There also appears to be an impact tract leading up to it, suggesting that it was moving fast and crashed on the sea floor. Swedish sea treasure hunters have found something extraordinary: A 60-foot disc sunk […]

Girl Struck By Lightning on Sunny Day

I’ve been meaning to focus a bit more on Fortean phenomena here at The Occult Section, but either you rarely hear about such things anymore, or you hear too much about them. Remember the dead falling birds epidemic from January? But I stumbled upon this little story about an 11-year-old girl who was struck by […]