Another Claim of Proof of a Ghost on Video

Here we go again. In what is fast becoming a game of “Capture Inconclusive Shape on Camera and Then Go on Local News to Proclaim You Found Proof of Ghosts to Get Some Cheap Media Attention” (long name, I know, but it’s selling pretty well), another knucklehead has found what amounts to nothing really interesting and is touting it on the local news as “proof” of a spirit.

Look! A real live ghost!

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – The Sun Inn in Bethlehem has long been the subject of tales of the supernatural, but one paranormal researcher said he caught what he believes to be a spirit on camera last month.

“The freakiest thing I’ve ever seen in paranormal,” said Scott Wiley, who claimed the black shadow seen on his video is a ghost. “If you take it snapshot by snapshot, you actually see the arms, the legs, the head. You can see the whole back everything.”

This isn’t the first time a paranormal group has claimed to have captured something at the Sun Inn.

The innkeeper has a lot of stories to tell.

“They set up their equipment and they went in to look at the chest and as they got in there you heard a voice saying, ‘We’re watching you,'” said Bucky Zulborski, who described another incident involving researchers in the attic of the historic inn. “She was one of the last people to leave the attic and said goodbye to the spirits, and when she got home, she played her recording back and got the voice of a little girl saying, ‘Don’t go.'”

Perhaps the most chilling story is about Hughetta Bender, who was passionate about preserving the Sun Inn and volunteered there for years. She died in 1995.

Then, one night a group of researchers took a picture. In the corner window, it shows what could be described as a person with white hair wearing an apron.

“When the group was looking through her pictures, I said, ‘Oh my God. I know who that is,'” said Szulborski. “Ran over to the office next door and brought back a collage of pictures. There’s her in her white apron. Whenever she was in the inn she wore her white apron.”

Wiley said he doesn’t think the image he captured on video is Hughetta and hopes to go back to the historic inn.

“Do a thorough investigation because I want to know who it is and what it is,” said Wiley.

Szulborski said that’s just fine. The tales of spirits are good for the inn’s ghost hunting tours.

The video is can be seen here (they have disabled embedding), and honestly, this just looks like something briefly obscuring the IR light from the night vision camera. I seriously, seriously get annoyed when these ghost hunters (I won’t even call them paranormal researchers, as they’re obviously not doing much research) claim that a vague something captured on film, video or an audio device is a “ghost.” I don’t see any arms or legs, and I think this guy is just seeing what he wants to see, or is lying simply to get on TV. There are dozens of other, rational, normal explanation as to what this could be, before we can even entertain the ghost theory. And I believe what this man meant to say was “frame by frame,” not “snapshot by snapshot.” This isn’t rocket science, guys.

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