You May be a Ghost Hunters Copycat if….

"What was that?? Oh my God!!! On to the next..."

It seems like every day there are more and more paranormal/ghost hunting groups that pop up. This means, horrifyingly, that there are more and more groups out there using TV shows as their paranormal bible. I’ve been noticing some patterns and thought it’d be funny to come up with a list of warning signs. If more than two of these apply to your group, either change your methods or accept the fact you are, almost quite literally, one in a million.

I wanted to do a nice even 10 points, but I ended up turning it up to 11, as they say. Enjoy!

You may be a Ghost Hunters copycat if:

  1. You buy all your equipment based on what Ghost Hunters has – when they get some new experimental equipment, you pick it up also. (How many of us had KII meters before they came out on Ghost Hunters?)
  2. Your group’s logo is in yellow stencil font.
  3. Your vehicle has a large magnet with your group’s name on it that you use when you go to investigations.
  4. You have ever uttered the phrase “on to the next.”
  5. You have paid an excessive amount of money to meet/investigate with anyone on the cast, past or present.
  6. You list your occupation on Facebook as being in a paranormal group.
  7. You happily pay to investigate a location that Ghost Hunters has filmed an episode at (I can’t even say they “investigated”). For those who don’t know – these locations will charge anywhere from $300-$1000 (and sometimes even more) for overnight investigations.
  8. You react to every little sound with “What was that?” in a frenzied whisper, followed by “Oh my God…”
  9. You actively try to get your own TV show despite claiming to not be in it for the fame.
  10. You defend all Ghost Hunters practices and “evidence” and put down other similar shows in the same breath.
  11. You are convinced your group is the best paranormal group in the world and that you have all the answers.

The overarching themes are: if you spend too much money on your paranormal group and if you can’t think independently (you’re incapable of doing anything unless Ghost Hunters has done it first), then, well… might be a Ghost Hunters copycat.

7 comments on “You May be a Ghost Hunters Copycat if….

  1. This is such an awesome post Jay! Haha I love it! I’m gonna share it on my wall when I get home in front of a computer. I’m going to try to make it to the meet and greet as long as I don’t have a shoot.

    1. Thanks Greg, but actually Laura did this one 🙂 Just a funny little jab at some things all of us are guilty of to some degree 😉 Hope you can make it to the Meet & Greet!

  2. Darn! I’ve only done 10 out of the 11!
    Note to self: “Complete list A.S.A.P.!”

    LOL! Loved reading this!

  3. #12: If you have read the Catholic exorcism ritual to someone who exhibits signs of demonic possession before you turn 12, you are not a Ghost Hunters copycat.

    #13: If you have ever scrunched into a ball to save yourself from physical damage from poltergeist activity, you are not a Ghost Hunters copycat. For that, the poltergeist would have to see the bottoms of your shoes as you run away.

    #14: If you do not blithely run into situations that you have absolutely no understanding of the inherent dangers, you are not a Ghost Hunters copycat.

    #15: If you have studied Parapsychology since you were ten years old, you are not a Ghost Hunters copycat.

    #16: If you have no desire for profit off your investigations, you are not a Ghost Hunters copycat.

    #17: If you agree with the above, you have some hope.

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