Animal Planet Has More “Finding Bigfoot”

The Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot has become one of the biggest embarrassments to the Bigfoot community in a long time (well, maybe after the Sanger Paranormal Society tried to squeeze $5,000 out of the public to get some DNA tested). I haven’t even watched the show, because so much has come out about it pointing to fakery and the staging of events. I have no interest in watching blatantly staged “evidence” on a show that’s supposed to be reality-based. I could watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge, etc. if I wanted to see the paranormal field further humiliated by idiots. So I was a bit surprised (but not really) to read this:

U.S. cable net Animal Planet is building upon its recent series Finding Bigfoot (pictured) by adding a one-hour special, Finding Bigfoot: Behind the Search.

The special, slated to air July 17 at 10 p.m. EST, features members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) team as they discuss their excursions to find the mythical creature in depth.

Gathering for a town-hall meeting in Oregon, Bigfoot fans get the chance to ask the team probing questions about the series and their adventure.

Finding Bigfoot: Behind the Search is produced for Animal Planet by Ping Pong Productions. Keith Hoffman is the exec producer for Animal Planet, while Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels are the exec producers for Ping Pong Productions. Marc Etkind is VP of development for Animal Planet.

Seeing as how ratings are apparently pretty high for Finding Bigfoot, I guess it’s not that surprising. Personally, I refuse to watch the show, and wish they’d bring back MonsterQuest, where at least they informed their viewing audience when they were showing recreations. I know a lot of people thought MonsterQuest was boring, but that’s reality. You don’t shoot six episodes of a show and find Bigfoot every week. Unless you need ratings.

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  1. MonsterQuest rocked but Finding Bigfoot appears to be as mythical a farce as some believe Bigfoot himself is. (Not me. I believe there is a Bigfoot, but Finding Bigfoot sure hasn’t delivered the goods.)

    1. It’s just a sign of the times, Court 🙁 I was hoping other aspects of the paranormal wouldn’t follow embarrassing suit and copy “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures,” and the other ghost hunting shows, but it seems they have.It’s all about ratings, not the truth.

  2. The season finale of Finding Bigfoot was the worst episode (if that is actually possible) than all of the rest. I was watching a rerun episode on the Florida Skunk Ape prior to the Alaska “investigation”. I was so PO’d that I was cussing the TV. Moneymaker and BOBO had a figure on thermal imaging in an opening that was standing completely still. They had it in almost constant view of the thermal camera while Moneymaker was walking towards the animal. Of course they were speaking of how it was displaying bigfoot behaviour by standing completely still trying to not be seen. Moneymaker was walking towards the animal and at the point he claimed it moved or “blended” into the woods the thermal imaging is gone! The actual movement of the animal, which would have given the viewer some idea of what it was, or if it moved on two feet or four etc. was not filmed. However, it was perfectly in view of the thermal camera the entire time before that. The conclusion that I came to is that it was not a bigfoot as being claimed prior to the movement and had to be edited out to make it look as though it was a bigfoot based on Moneymaker’s statement. Of course I have not seen him throw out even one piece of “evidence” that was not a result of bigfoot activity in the entire 6 episodes. Every witness story, every picture, every noise was “as a result of his 25 years of experience” a bigfoot! The added noises and recycled thermal clips used on numerous episodes by the editors has discredited this show beyond belief for any serious crypto enthusiast. Those who know nothing of bigfoot and its habitat and behaviour may be satisfied by the show but I have considered it useless especially after the season finale where I thought for sure they were saving some thought provoking evidence to maybe lead into the next season if there is one. Very disappointing in every aspect. The eyewitness descriptions of sightings were more interesting than anything the BFRO did in their investigations.

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