A Ghostly Photograph “Caught on Video”

Awkward writing aside, here’s an interesting article about a photograph (that was “caught on video”) of a supposed ghost crashing a wedding party.

On the next installment of Ghosts Gone Wild....

A wedding crasher seems to have come from beyond the grave.

A Canadian couple recently held their wedding in an old wine cellar in Newfoundland, and their friend snapped the ghostly photo…then screamed.

The photo seems to show a man in a white coat…floating.

This isn’t the first ghost story to come out of the cellar. People have had strange experiences, people hearing names, people hearing footsteps, strange things happening in the space.

Though everyone tried, no one else at the reception was able to recreate the photo.

The picture (and video of the picture) are too grainy for me to do any sort of real analysis. It could be a flare from a reflection, or the sun (if the entrance is behind where the person took the photo). It DOES seem to be an interesting photo, though I believe there is some apophenia going on in concluding it’s a man in a white coat. It could be that, or it could be the ghost of a Canadian college student looking for a good time (and nothing says “good time. Who knows?

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