Alien Video: from Zeta Reticuli? Or someone’s iMac?

There has been a video making the rounds on the internet these past few days that purports to show an alleged “grey alien” from the Zeta Reticuli system. The video is on YouTube, and many other sites and blogs are talking about this video. I’ll let you take a look at the video, and then post my thoughts on it.

A lot of the sites that are talking about this video are saying that it looks legit. And to a certain degree, I would concede that point. The extraterrestrial (apparently named “skinny bob”) in the video definitely looks real enough. Even when it blinks, you can almost see muscles moving underneath the skin. But is this an actual alien from a crashed UFO?

ufo, alien, zeta reticuli, alien videoUnfortunately (well, fortunately if you like science fiction movies), we live in an age where it is so easy to fabricate these kinds of special effects, even on a home computer. This may be nothing more than some fancy CGI. Like a lot of evidence, without any contextual basis, this can be a clip from Area 51 just as easily as it can be some leaked viral footage from an upcoming sci-fi movie. I also don’t quite get the whole “movie projector clicking” in the background. It sounds fake and inserted in there to give the film more credibility. If it is a hoax, it’s a damn good one. But I still call hoax on this.

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    1. That was my thought, Greg. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! I mean, I guess a real alien would look to good to be true, also. But I need more than a few seconds of blinking to know that the alien was real!

  1. Yeah but that’s the thing. “Paul” awesome movie btw, DIDN’T look this good and if it is the next level of c.g.i. then we must’ve gotten some good “alien” tech for that. BUT if it IS real, then there’s going to be a lot of egg on people’s faces…including investigators like Maussan who’s going after the so-called 1940’s Kodak Slide with a supposed “dead Roswell alien” on display in some museum somewhere(No not in a “army facility”) are going to have their true colors shown. I notice a lot of the major researchers aren’t touching this. One “debunker” has said that Bob “doesn’t move” and most definitely does…and maybe there’s “too much movement”. In the “mug shot” scene where he’s being measured for height there’s finger movement when the camera shot goes up instead of just standing still complying with whomever else is performing the exam, and looking more closely at it the way the skin is over the forehead is just a little too 3d detailed to be “c.g.i.”

  2. The video was altered in order to give the appearance of a modern simulation. Moreover, the dead Alien bodies were staged in order to give the appearance of mortality to man made weapons. UFOs have never crashed on planet Earth. They have been making contact with the United States of Masonry before FDR transferring technologies in order to prevent wars over carbon resources. The powers to be don’t want you to believe in such beings as it would be abundantly clear that they are not in charge.

    1. I video taped the videos, the projector sound is coming from the projector that is playing the footage in the wall inside a military base. I can prove it to anybody interested in the truth.

  3. I video taped the footage, it is real.
    The sound you hear is coming from a film projector, I video taped it while it was playing on the wall, The only footage I took live was the one named family vacation and used a hidden camera popping the head of the camera out of my pocket trying to hide it but they noticed right away.
    The other footage was old film and I had to setup a projector and use a video camera on a tripod, I couldn’t take the film from the base and had to video tape the film while it played on the wall inside the military base building where it was being stored, you hear the projector playing in the background because my video camera picked up the sound from the projector which was a few feet away playing the film etc,
    The Alien footage is real unless they hoaxed me using short long necked people wearing costumes which is possible if you look up Kayan ring neck people but why would they spend that much money to hoax me? so many things could have gone wrong with costumes if that is what they are and the cost would have been staggering. It also explains my past as a CIA MkUltra and I have photos and video to prove that as well.

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