New International UFO Museum on hold

For those who doubt that there is a conspiracy in Roswell, New Mexico, I offer the following proof that there is something strange going on in Roswell. But rather than UFOs, it seems like there is a conspiracy to withhold money in Roswell. From UFO events and museums in the area. I blogged a while back about funding being cut for the annual UFO festival in Roswell (and which was eventually funded after all), and now it looks like a new UFO museum has to be put on hold due to a clerical error. Human stupidity? Or government thugs trying to hold back some UFO fun from the public? You decide.

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Yes, this has become my "go to"picture for anyone ruining fun times in Roswell.

ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s the place you would expect to visit in Roswell. It brings in more than 12,000 visitors a month, but now big plans to build a new UFO Museum are not taking off.

Visitors come from all over the world, and according to theInternational UFO Museum and Research Center director, it pumps about $14 million into the city’s economy every year.

“It’s a wealth of material that they’ve gathered,” said California visitor Rhys Wade. “It’s pretty interesting stuff!”

Wade and his friend Lee Armstrong both toured the museum Monday. They said the plans for a new museum look fantastic and would even entice them to come back. The problem is the $14 million project hit a snag.

“Our new building is on temporary, indefinite, time frame; I don’t know, it is on hold,” said Museum Director Julie Shuster. “We still have the whole block, and we still have all the plans.”

Shuster said the standstill is due to a “paperwork error” that was out of the committee’s control. The museum is an independent nonprofit and does not collect funds from the city or the state.

The museum’s board of directors plan to re-evaluate things after the UFO Festival in July.

Our own Laura Pennace visited the current UFO museum in Roswell a few years back, and thought it was awesome, so I can only imagine how a new one might be. Hopefully the paperwork error gets resolved quickly.

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