New Bigfoot show on Animal Planet

I loves me some Bigfoot shows, and in my opinion, there just aren’t enough of them on TV. So I was happy to read the new announcement by Animal Planet that they will be airing a new show on Bigfoot. No word yet on when it will air, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a good show, and not too “quirky.” We have enough of those types of shows on the air right now (“Ghost Hunters,” I’m looking at you).

Creatures both beloved and mysterious will round out the new schedule at US cable network Animal Planet.

The channel has 12 returning and 14 new series lined up for the year, including Finding Bigfoot, a new entry that follows the efforts of a small but eccentric team of researchers on the hunt for the elusive creature.

Hour-long episodes of Detroit Animal Tattoo will show owners being decorated with images of their favourite pets, while the playful 3×60′ competition Puppies vs Babies will compare online videos of “newborns and zooborns.”

A different approach to preserving the memory of one’s pets will be showcased in Romance is Dead, set at an Arkansas taxidermy shop.

Animal Planet will bring back the popular River Monsters and will add the equally wet Hillbilly Handfishin’, a new entry hung on an Oklahoma fisherman who uses none of the traditional equipment.

Three series will spotlight animal control, starting with Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer, a man with a job as self-explanatory as it is unenviable; Rat Busters NYC, and the Miami-set Swamp City.

Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet, said: “Whether through mysterious trips out into the wild, laugh-out-loud adventures with big characters, or moving and deeply affecting dramas, animals are a terrific accelerant to the wide range of raw, real, big entertainment audiences can expect from us.”

I’m a little concerned about the description of the Bigfoot hunters being “eccentric.” I hope this isn’t a euphemism for crazy and/or “we’re going to give all Bigfoot researchers a bad name.”

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  1. hi im kevin i saw a bigfoot or ape like person 12 years ago while deer hunting in south ohio
    im from canton ohio and i will neaver go back to southeren ohio to deer hunt again. this
    thing scared me to death and it smelled like sulfer it stood 8 feet tall and walked on two
    feet. it looked up and saw me in my treestand. then whent down a big hill andi neaver saw it again.

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