North Carolina man says he’s got video of Bigfoot

And here we go again with another supposed video of Blobsquatch. I mean Bigfoot. The video is posted below, and I have to say that the gait of this thing looks pretty fake, like a man in a suit walking too fast, and you really can’t make out much except for the legs. This may very well be Bigfoot, but as far as evidence goes, it’s pretty poor. From MSNBC:


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The elusive Bigfoot? Or an unusually tall Ewok?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Shelby, N.C. man says he has captured video of Bigfoot.

Thomas Byers e-mailed WCNC NewsChannel 36 in Charlotte, N.C., saying he saw Bigfoot walk across Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County Tuesday evening. Byers’ says he was about 15 to 20 feet away from the creature when he captured a five-second video.

“It ran across the road and into the woods right in front of us and I was able to film it,” Byers wrote. “In the short video you can hear it snarl or growl at me.”

Furthermore: “One thing I know is the smell of it was horrid. It smelled like a cross between road kill and a skunk. And it did not like the fact that I was there on the road with it. In the video you can hear it snarl or growl at me as it crosses the road.”

To read Byers’ personal account of the sighting, visit

What do you think? Bigfoot or not?

The snarl that the supposed Bigfoot utters isn’t all that impressive either. I just wish that more of the video was shown (before and after this clip), and obviously a cleaner, brighter image would be great. I’m sure somebody out there will clean it up soon, and hopefully we can get a clearer picture of what this thing is.

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  1. Seems like a man in an ape suit. The strides are too short…and it brings the one arm up like telling him to move or something…I just can’t imagine a Bigfoot gesturing to him. Sorry.

    1. I agree about the strides. Way too short and quick, not like something a 7-foot-tall, 300lbs creature would do. I also think this is a fake.

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