New UFO Documentary: UFOs Do Not Exist!

I have to admit, I’m lagging behind in my paranormal documentary watching lately, even though I did get the opportunity to see the very well-done Eyes of the Mothman last month. So I was excited to see that another documentary is coming out, this time about UFOs. I’m glad to see other paranormal topics getting some attention, as I feel that TV is really saturated with (and killing) the ghost hunters motif. Here’s the press release:

ufos do not exist, ufo, ufo documentary, ufo'sReality Entertainment announces the release of UFO’s Do Not Exist: The Grand Deception and Cover-Up of the UFO Phenomenon, a new documentary featuring over two hours of the darkest UFO secrets.

From the dark years of the UFO era, this amazing documentary details the facts they DON’T want you to know. UFO’s are real and the government and military forces know it. These factions have researched and investigated sightings as early as the late 1930’s, while simultaneously denying any interest in the UFO phenomenon. They have been debunking and covering up UFO sightings, crashes and incidents for decades. This fascinating DVD covers over 100 UFO cases including: UFO sightings and encounters during World War II and Vietnam. Exclusive Majestic 12 document connections. Learn about the UFO sightings by Warren Beatty, Stuart Whitman and Walter Cronkite. A C130 takes off in 1966, encounters a UFO and lands in another location in the year 1982. Jackie Gleason views crashed UFO wreckage and bodies and UFO crash retrievals. The history of the 1940’s Philadelphia Experiment and a visit to the Montauk Project base where it continued into the 1980’s. You will discover proof that UFO technology has been used by the U.S. Government to accomplish time travel and create total invisibility, and much more.

This is really piquing my interest because it seems like it will be touching on some stories that haven’t been covered too often in other documentaries or TV shows, such as Jackie Gleason’s supposed experiences. The press release doesn’t give a date of release, but lists the release date as March 22. View the trailer below.

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  1. Neat! Looks good! And I’m with you. Definitely room for other paranormal shows since the ghost ones are getting stale and heading into overkill. (Can’t believe I’m saying that, but even the ones I was liking, like GA and DT, I’m now bored of…Sheesh. I’m hard to please!)

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