Far Side Friday 3/18/11

Growing up, I was a faithful reader of The Far Side by Gary Larson. My dad always brought home his newspaper from work (do people still even read newspapers on actual paper anymore?) and I’d go straight to the comics section to read The Far Side. I’ve always loved the humor of Gary Larson, even if some of his cartoons made seemingly no sense. But one of the things I liked most about him was that he often dealt with things in the paranormal realm, like UFOs, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, and anthropomorphic cows (which I think would fall under the “cryptozoology” category). Anyways, I’ve recently rediscovered The Far Side, as I have most of the book collections of the cartoons and have been reading them at night before bed. So I figured I’d share a few of my favorite paranormally-themed Far Side cartoons on Fridays. I’m apparently a fan of alliteration, too.

This week’s cartoon deals with UFOs, and why there probably aren’t more pictures of aliens and UFOs. This is why I’m glad we live in an age of digital photography. But even then, the radiation from the UFO would probably screw up the photo anyways. I love the look on poor Warren’s face.

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  1. VERY cool! I can’t say I’m quite as dedicated a fan as you are, but Far Side is a fave. My cousin and I trade off Far Side cards each Christmas. We’re always trying to see who can send a funnier one. And amazingly we have yet to buy each other the same card yet!

    1. The Far Side deals with a lot of paranormal subjects, and Gary Larson shows in a lot of those cartoons that he knows a lot more about the theories than the average person. That’s why I’ve always loved them!

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