UFOs need gold?

Everything in the paranormal community seems to be a double-edged sword lately. Stories like this usually start off making me optimistic, and then there’s the inevitable letdown. I initially saw this story, and thought how great it was that UFO hunters were finally getting some press in an era where ghost hunters seem to dominate. But of course, one of the UFO hunters has to go and say something to make any shred of credibility disappear. See if you can guess where they lost me.


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Maybe they just need the gold for neat jewelry like this? Or maybe alien rappers are experiencing a shortage of gold teeth?

EL DORADO COUNTY, CA – The night of Feb. 22 people saw something in the skies over Sacramento County.

“I said, wouldn’t that be funny if that was a UFO?” Roseville resident Christine George said. “Then I saw it moving around.”

The “V” shaped lights were caught on multiple cameras by UFO hunters and posted on YouTube.

Alien hunters don’t just exist on TV shows like “V”. A team of Northern California UFO hunters is out in gold country to make contact with ET.

“We kinda throw everything out there and see if we get anything back,” UFO Hunter Rhonda Hall said.

The UFO hunters head to Sierra Foothills to make contact with extra terrestrials by lasers, energy meters and even psychic energy.

There have been many other unexplained sightings over the Northern California region in the past. UFO Hunter Paul Dale Roberts said the state is a hot bed for UFO activity.

“I get constant calls on sightings, triangular shaped UFOs,” Roberts said.

Aliens are attracted to Gold Country because the gold can be used to correct the ozone layer in their dying country, said Roberts.

Roberts said his background in military intelligence gives him a reason to believe aliens are out there.

“All I can say is I worked at a photo interpretation center in Korea,” Roberts said. “I know the military knows something about UFO’s.”

Travis and Beale Air Force bases said they are not investigating UFO sightings over Sacramento, like the one from last month.

Roberts said the UFO hunters will continue expeditions into gold country.

I am willing to buy into the existence of aliens, and that they are visiting this planet. But for anyone to assume that they understand the motives of these extraterrestrials is, in my opinion, just plain silly. Why would they need gold to fix their own ozone layer? How would this UFO hunter even know that? An educated guess is one thing, but this is a pretty specific educated guess. needing gold for something, I can almost even buy. But to claim something so specific just killed this guy’s credibility for me. Oh well. On to the next.


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  1. why are gold prices through the roof? Gold does not degrade, ever. It does not tarnish. Wouldn’t it be the perfect material to surround a space vehicle?

  2. 450,000 B.C.
    After long wars, Nibiru’s atmosphere begun deteriorating and became hostile to life. Anu dethroned Alalu and came on Terra with a craft. He was searching for gold which could be used to repair the damaged atmosphere of Nibiru.

    (Our science reached the same conclusions without knowing the Sumerian stories. According to our scientists we can use gold nanoparticles to repair Earth’s damaged ozone layer. After hearing this, Sitchin stated that the Sumerian tablets were always accurate and never disappointed him. As a truth seeker, I was very pleased to see him having the “I told you so” smile on his face.)

    445,000 BC
    Anunnaki extraterrestrials landed on Terra and established their base in Eridu, wanting to extract gold from the Persian Golf. They were led by Enik, one of Anu’s sons

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