New Zealand ghost hunter arrested for burglary

It seems like there’s a few stories like this popping up every week now, where a person trespasses or even breaks into a building or property, all in the name of ghost hunting. Here is the knucklehead of the week, courtesy of the Wanganui Chronicle in New Zealand:

ghost hunters, no trespassing, the occult section, new york paranormal societyA self-professed ghost hunter has denied a burglary charge, claiming she was at a disused rest home checking for spirits.

Wanganui woman Billy Rogue, 28, claimed she was on a ghost-hunting mission at the old Jubilee Hospital in Wanganui on Saturday night and not part of a burglary.

She told Judge John Clapham in the Wanganui District Court that she had no idea what her friends were up to at the hospital because she was busy with her adventure.

Standing in the dock, Rogue was leaning out to the public gallery using sign language to her family sitting there.

The court was told copper fittings had been stolen from the old hospital on Saturday night.

Rogue was at the deserted hospital with two friends but insisted she was ghost-hunting because that was her “hobby”.

When Judge Clapham remanded her in custody to February 1, she slapped the wall and yelled an obscenity then called out, “bye sister, bye cousins … love youse”, waving as she was led away.

This seems to be turning into an epidemic, with self-proclaimed ghost hunters breaking and entering into places in the name of paranormal investigations. It’s no wonder why it’s becoming harder and harder for groups to get into places, and why the scientific community still refuses to give the field any credence. Also, you gotta love how the woman’s name is “Rogue.”

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