Deputies respond to phony Bigfoot call

Sometimes I feel like things all balance out in the universe, eventually. So to counter yesterday’s interesting Bigfoot story, today comes news of some deputies called out because some kids were supposedly dressing up as Bigfoot (or a seaweed monster). I love small town newspapers, and how things like this make the news there.

sigmund the sea monster, sid and marty krofft, bigfoot
"Mom, why don't the girls like me?"

Shasta County deputies tonight responded to a report of two people dressed as Bigfoot, which turned out to be only a couple of kids goofing off.

Just before 8 p.m. dispatchers reported two people dressed as Bigfoot or possibly seaweed monsters.

Responding deputies found two boys who weren’t actually dressed up, but near one of their parents’ homes messing around.

A deputy didn’t have any more information.

What did these kids look like to be reported as Bigfoot or seaweed monsters, but not actually be wearing any costumes?

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