Bigfoot Captured on Security Camera?

bigfoot, sasquatch, security camera, bigfoot videoIt’s not too often that I use other blogs as a source for news items, but Javier Ortega over at Ghost Theory has a knack for digging up juicy paranormal items, and this story is no different. It’s been a while since any really good Bigfoot video has been taken, but this caught my eye, as the figure is almost definitely bipedal. And interestingly, the gait of this figure seems eerily similar to the Patterson-Gimlin footage.

The footage seems to show a large, hairy biped emerge from behind the forked tree trunk, and walk offscreen. It’s almost as if it knew the camera was on him (or her). Which would make sense, if it was a hoax. It’s blurry, grainy, like many other suspected Bigfoot videos, but I feel this one is more interesting than most. Below you can see the original footage, a zoomed-in version, and then subsequent footprints that were found. What do you think?

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  1. Thats really cool! It would help if there was some sort of object so you could gage the height of the thing. As it is that tree makes it look small, but then the tree could be huge. It looks like some sort of ….. monkey? Great catch! One of the better ones I’ve seen!

    1. Yeah, it always seems to be the case when video is found that a crucial piece is missing. But it definitely looked hairy and bipedal. I thought it was more interesting than most of the amorphous blob videos we usually get LOL

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