UFO groups marred by infighting & territoriality, too

I came across this article today, and all I can really say is that I’m glad it’s not just ghost hunting groups who can subscribe to the paranoid, territorial, and self-aggrandizing lunacy with their “We’re the best! Let’s not tell anyone else about where we’re investigating or what we found!” Click the link above for the full article, as it’s pretty long and I’ll just be highlighting some of the more relevant points here.

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"No! I was the first one to investigate this place! It's my location! My...precious!!!"

BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – Famed UFO hunter Stanley Fulham once said he didn’t want to be part of a club that would have him as a member; he joked, of course, but was clearly annoyed with a world-wide UFO community that does not “share common ground with each other.”

Fulham, who died suddenly on Dec. 19, 2010, compared the in-fighting amongst UFO groups “like men who worry about someone encroaching on their land. They’re territorial. Yet, this doesn’t bode well for humanity right now when we need to share information about UFOs.”

“He wanted it to be an open book. Stan Furham fully believed that the truth shall set the world free. It’s a pity but he knew that in-fighting within UFO circles would both confuse and turn-off the general public that was skeptical about aliens and such,” said local UFO “watcher” Debbie Crawford.

Although this UFO pioneer was accused of exaggerated sentimentality when talking about alien life on planet Earth, “he never did it for money like many of these so-called UFO groups,” she said.

For example, Furham thought it wrong that UFO groups would act like “the bloody Elks or Moose Lodge,” and expect anything about UFO sightings to be controlled and even owned by one organization.

Furham asked UFO watchers worldwide to have “new eyes” in order to more clearly see that UFO information is to be shared and not Bogarted like some commodity.

Thus, with all these groups vying for attention as “I’m the best one,” they all “become irrelevant,” said Furham.

UFO groups that want to control both information and its members may be contributing to this skewed point of view that Fulham said “hurts the UFO community and the public’s understanding of what is happening with alien life on our planet.”

Fulham may have been regarded as an “eccentric,” to put it mildly, but he’s spot on about a lot of things here. So many groups, whether ghost hunters, UFO hunters, or Bigfoot hunters, like to claim that they are the “best.” They are “Number 1!” They are territorial, never really divulging information, or if they do, the like to claim to be the “first group to investigate” or the “only group to investigate” a said location. Anyone who was truly interested in furthering the cause as a whole, in order to get answers for everyone, would not hold information back. In an unproven field, nobody is “the best.” And nobody can claim ownership over a location. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: no wonder the scientific community doesn’t take us seriously.

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