N-Dubz hit with writ for cancelling ‘Ghosthunting’ appearance

So apparently there is a show in the UK called “Ghosthunting with…” It apparently features celebrities being taken to haunted locations to, well, hunt for ghosts. TAPS may want to call their lawyers in to pursue some copyright infringement here. Anyway, it seems as though the Brits use the term “celebrity” just as loosely as we do here in the States, as they wanted to have some group called N-Dubz on the show to investigate. The story from AOL Music:

n-dubz, ghosthunting with..., losers
Even these three knuckleheads know better than to go on a ghost hunting show these days.

British urban music’s leading lights N-Dubz have been handed a nine-page writ for twice cancelling a scheduled appearance on a ghostly TV show.

They were set to appear on “Ghosthunting with…” before cancelling, rescheduling and then cancelling again.

The show features celebrities being taken to a haunted location to hunt for ghosts, spectres and ghouls.

According to the Sun, the numerous claims in the writ add up to a total of £84,000. The writ has been taken out by Antix, the production company behind the show.

Itemised costs include £9,210 in hotel costs, £3,000 for a researcher, £1,450 for the loss of deposits paid to the locations, £500 for uneaten food and £6,000 for ex-Blue Peter presenter Yvette Fielding’s services as presenter and producer.

Filming was planned for West Norwood cemetery in London and at Chislehurst Caves in Kent.

The band would have received only £1,000 each for getting frightened by random noises, cold spots, creaks and ‘haunted’ atmospheres.

Despite Tulisa having the excuse of a doctor’s note verifying she was suffering from exhaustion, Antix have shown no sympathy and are pursuing N-Dubz for the money anyway.

A spokesman for the band said: “They will fight this all the way.”

This isn’t the first time that the band have got in trouble. Dappy was booted off an anti-bullying campaign for sending threatening SMS messages to a woman who called N-Dubz “losers” in a text to Radio 1. Dappy was also recently expelled from Alton Towers for allegedly smoking cannabis.

I still think I’d rather see pro wrestlers ghost hunting than these guys.

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