Irresponsible Ghost Hunting Blogging

I stumbled upon this post this morning, from a blog called Reviews of Electronics. And while I appreciate this person putting a list together of ghost hunting equipment that can be given as gifts for the holidays, one sentence in particular bothered me about this post, as it is completely untrue. Can you guess which […]

Sneezing Monkey Species Found in Asia

I love when a new species of animal is discovered, especially primates, as it lends potentiality to the existence of other undiscovered primates, such as Bigfoot. AOL News is reporting that a new “sneezing monkey” has been discovered in Myanmar. Deep in the jungles of Myanmar, scientists have discovered a new species of monkey in […]

Rendlesham Forest UFO just an Apollo capsule?

Over the years, lots of explanations have been given for UFOs, many of them as ridiculous (if not more so) than the extraterrestrial visitor explanation. Weather balloons, swamp gas, stars, Venus, the Moon, mass hallucinations. These have all been bandied about as explanations for craft witnessed in our skies doing extraordinary things. But one event […]

Man Kicked Off Nature Preserve Trying to Bait Bigfoot in His Toyota

It’s good to see that nature preserves are protecting Bigfoot as well. The Dallas Observer tells us of a man who was kicked off the Mineola Nature Preserve near the Sabine River on Tuesday. He was apparently trying to lure sasquatch to his Toyota sedan using fruit, steak and nuts. For some reason, I suspected […]

Way to go, NASA…

Ok, so yesterday was supposed to be the big day, the day NASA was to make an announcement that was supposed to “impact the search for evidence extraterrestrial life.” The internet was abuzz, as NASA rarely makes such bold statements. Bloggers and journalists everywhere were contemplating what the announcement could be. Was it that they […]

Scientist explains away UFO sightings

I’ll be the first to admit that any so-called “proof” of any paranormal phenomena is dubious at best, but it makes me angry when skeptics create similarly outlandish “rational” explanations for them. Bigfoot is suddenly a moose (not sure how that can be mistaken, but whatever). Ghosts are just the house settling, tricks of the […]

N-Dubz hit with writ for cancelling ‘Ghosthunting’ appearance

So apparently there is a show in the UK called “Ghosthunting with…” It apparently features celebrities being taken to haunted locations to, well, hunt for ghosts. TAPS may want to call their lawyers in to pursue some copyright infringement here. Anyway, it seems as though the Brits use the term “celebrity” just as loosely as […]