Three Wrestling Names to Appear on “Ghost Trek” TV Pilot

Ok, so I read this story and couldn’t resist blogging about it. A few years ago, mentioning pro wrestlers and ghost hunters in the same breath would be unheard of. But since TAPS (or their evil SyFy overlords) now insist on having pro wrestlers be guest investigators on a seemingly regular basis, the jokes sort of write themselves here. I submit the following story, from Wrestle Zone:

The Official “Ghost Trek” Facebook page is reporting that Glenn “Disco Inferno” Gilbertti, Colt Cabana and Jonny Fairlplay will all be appearing the pilot episode of a new TV Show entitled “Ghost Trek.” The show is a ghost hunting spoof which will feature Cabana and Gilbertti playing “UFC wannabes” and Fairplay will play a tech specialist who is also a stoner. Filming of the pilot takes place December 10-13th.

Full disclosure here: I actually used to watch a lot of pro wrestling, and in the not too distant past, at that. I actually even liked Disco Inferno (or felt sorry for him…emotions can get pretty muddled while watching pro wrestling). And in all honesty, there is more credibility in pro wrestling than there is in ghost hunting these days. I might actually have to watch this show. At least they acknowledge that it’s fiction. Perhaps Vince McMahon should get to trademarking “paranormal entertainment?”

disco inferno, wcw, ghost hunters
Tell me you don't want to see this guy join the cast of "Ghost Hunters."

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