Three Wrestling Names to Appear on “Ghost Trek” TV Pilot

Ok, so I read this story and couldn’t resist blogging about it. A few years ago, mentioning pro wrestlers and ghost hunters in the same breath would be unheard of. But since TAPS (or their evil SyFy overlords) now insist on having pro wrestlers be guest investigators on a seemingly regular basis, the jokes sort […]

New Photo of Nessie?

There’s a new photo making the rounds on the web, taken at Loch Ness and supposedly showing the monster that (also supposedly) lives in the lake. I’m not sure what to make of this photo. It looks like something, but to me, it doesn’t look like any sort of monster. The UK’s Daily Express has […]

Local people think hair of unidentified creature could be from “Wild Man”

I always tend to be a bit cautiously optimistic when stories like this come out, but it usually turns out to be nothing. Hence my cautious optimism. Scientists in China have apparently found a hair that they cannot identify, and the locals are speculating that it might belong to the “Wild Man,” China’s version of […]

UFO resembling tortilla chip spotted in the UK

Ok, it’s Friday, it’s been a long, difficult week, and it’s times like this when I enjoy funny stories like this one. I suppose “tortilla chip” is the best way to describe this UFO, but it still really doesn’t help the cause. has the story (and not to be confused with “SyFy” the network, […]

Savannah Ghost Video: Real or Fake?

Has anyone see the latest ghost video that’s been making the rounds online? This one comes to us courtesy of FOX 8 in Cleveland, Ohio, who broke the story on Monday’s nightly news. Apparently an Ohio family was vacationing in Savannah, Georgia, when their teenage son, who was filming with the family camcorder in Colonial […]

Ghosts are Using Mobile Phones?

I’m not sure why this Phil Hayes of Paranormal Research UK thinks that ghosts are now using cell phones to try to contact the living, but he does, according to this article over at Gaj-It: If you think living human beings are the only ones embracing modern technology, you are in for a surprise. Apparently, […]

Thermal Bigfoot Video Revealed

Back in June, I blogged about a video of a supposed Sasquatch dubbed “The Squeaky Thermal” that was taken by former (ironically enough) fraud investigator Michael Greene. The video, as one might guess, is a thermal video taken in the woods and shows a humanoid figure moving around. When I first blogged about this, the […]

Things that go ‘bump’ in your house

We at the New York Paranormal Society are obviously interested in all things paranormal. So when I found this article, I got a bit of a tickle out of it. The scariest thing about spooky occurrences in your home, according to Consumer Reports?? Increased utility bills! Oh no! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!! Kitchen doors and cabinets […]

Superstitious beliefs getting more common

As if the exponential increase in paranormally-themed TV shows wasn’t enough of an indicator, scientists have completed a study that shows, in summary, that yes. People believe in the paranormal more now than they used to. It’s actually quite an interesting article (I’m just being a sarcastic jerk right now), and it breaks down the […]