Bigfoot Spotted in Video Game

I know it’s been quiet around here the past week or so, but The Occult Section staff has been busy with a variety of personal and professional obligations which have kept us from posting as frequently as we’d like. But that’s Halloween season for paranormal investigators, free time is extremely limited. But this week it’s back to blogging…

In addition to my passion for the paranormal, I’m also a huge video game geek. My Xbox 360 is one of my most prized possessions (which is kind of sad, if you think about it…but whatever, man). So as you might have guessed, paranormally-themed video games always grab my attention. I’ve always thought a cool video game would be where you could go around and hunt for Bigfoot, and now it seems I might be able to do just that. A new add-on pack for what I nominate for game of the decade, Red Dead Redemption, will let you fight hordes of zombies in the Old West, but it also looks like you can hunt Bigfoot too. If this screenshot is accurate. The folks over at G4 have the story:

We know the upcoming Undead Nightmare pack for Red Dead Redemption will feature unending hordes of zombies, a hefty single-player story campaign, new multiplayer modes, and new weapons, but it appears the DLC will also include a few more surprises of the “WTF?” variety. At least, that is if this teaser image that Rockstar just posted on its blog is any indication:

bigfoot, red dead redemption, john marston, rockstar, sasquatch
Skeptical Inquirer magazine has already informed me that they believe this is one of the video game characters in a gorilla costume, most likely Nigel West Dickens.

I never thought I’d say this again, but round up the posse, and let’s take a break from killing thousands of walking dead in this wild west setting to track down and take out Bigfoot once and for all.

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