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Ok, so Laura is usually the one here at The Occult Section to find the funny police logs (see her entry from last October), but I stumbled upon this today while looking at paranormal news, so now I’m jumping on the bandwagon. This is from the Orange County Register in California. I’ll just be pasting the funny ones here…

police og, paranormal, new york paranormal societyMONDAY

Disturbance. 12:49 p.m. 33100 block of Mariner Drive. A caller said another driver pointed her finger like a gun at the caller and proceeded to cut her off.

Investigate person down. 9:45 a.m. 34100 block of Street of the Amber Lantern. A caller said a woman was on the caller’s front lawn and refusing to leave.

Disturbance. 6:14 a.m. 34500 block of Camino Capistrano. A caller said a neighbor’s powerful lamp was illuminating the entire neighborhood and that code enforcement had visited regarding the issue.


Open door. 6:51 p.m. 34000 block of Del Obispo Street. A maintenance worker said he might have witnessed paranormal activity when several doors opened and closed while he was working in the Dana Point Senior Center.

Disturbance. 3:51 p.m. 34100 block of Pacific Coast Highway. A caller said people in a black Ford Focus were throwing water balloons at other vehicles while driving.

Disturbance. 1:41 p.m. 34300 block of Dana Strand Road. A caller said a woman was smoking in a park next to a “No smoking” sign.

I hope to live in a sleepy little town like this someday, where the worst things called in to the police are homes that are too brightly illuminated, people pointing fingers as if they were guns, water balloons being thrown, and doors opening and closing.

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