Interview with Loren Coleman

Loren Coleman is currently the world’s leading cryptozoologist, having written such books as Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America, Mysterious America, and Cryptozoology A to Z. He has also appeared on and consulted for many TV shows, such as MonsterQuest, Weird Travels, In Search Of…, and many more. He runs the websites Cryptomundo […]

Ghost hunters living in glass house throw stones

Being a paranormal investigator, I come across all sorts of weird phenomena, but one of the weirdest things I’ve come across is partisan opinions in the field of the paranormal. It truly irks me when people believe in one aspect of the paranormal and then ridicule people who believe in another aspect of the paranormal. […]

Bigfoot Spotted in Video Game

I know it’s been quiet around here the past week or so, but The Occult Section staff has been busy with a variety of personal and professional obligations which have kept us from posting as frequently as we’d like. But that’s Halloween season for paranormal investigators, free time is extremely limited. But this week it’s […]

This time, it’s really just balloons

So the UFOs that were spotted over Manhattan (and blogged about by us yesterday) weren’t UFOs at all. It seems as though the mystery has been solved! Story courtesy of the Daily News. All those theories about Wednesday’s mystery UFO sightings over Manhattan are about to go “pop.” A Westchester elementary school believes the puzzling […]

Mystery shiny objects floating over Manhattan spark UFO frenzy

I live in the East Village, so I’m kind of oblivious to most things that happen west of 6th Avenue. Thankfully I have eagle-eyed friends who send me stories such as this from the Daily News when I’m too busy paying attention to the recent bomb scare in the cemetery right behind my apartment (it […]

Haunted House Attractions: To Go or Not to Go?

When I was really little, the annual trip to the local haunted house attraction, put on by a nearby Montessori school, was at the top of my must-do list. I would get myself in the mood for the big event by watching The Worst Witch for the zillionth time, anxiously awaiting the most amazing musical […]

Ivy Tech Community College to offer Paranormal Investigation Courses

If you’re looking to assert your educational superiority about the paranormal with your family, friends, casual acquaintances, and strangers on the street – and you happen to live in Indiana, this article may be of interest to you. The best part is? Since Ivy Tech Community College clearly did know how to classify paranormal courses, […]

Lady Gaga is getting ripped off by Ghostbusters

I first came across the epic tale that is Lady Gaga’s paranormal activity back in June. I am now forced to seriously question her judgment and those of people around her (her “yes” people?). Of course, I suppose things like logic and reason don’t actually matter when you’re the most famous person on the planet […]

As awesome as it is, in the end, it’s just matrixing

I was perusing around for something fun to blog about and came across this interesting story. A woman walking in England caught a photo of a cloud formation that looked very much like a face. It was excitedly reported thusly: Hallowe’en isn’t until the end of the month – but this spooky cloud formation made […]

Holy Ghosts & Crazy Dog T-shirts

Once again, we’re taking a little break from making fun of paranormal news to help out a few of our friends this Halloween season. First up, our friend Gary Jansen just published a new book, Holy Ghosts: Or How a (Not-So) Good Catholic Boy Became a Believer in Things That Go Bump in the Night, […]