Sasquatch Sexuality Now Online

A few days, ago, I wrote a post about an article appearing in Penthouse about the sexuality of Bigfoot. Well, I got a message (via a comment on that post) from Penthouse magazine, basically letting me know (and asking me to let our readers know) that the article is now online, and you can see it over at the Penthouse website.  The article also tackles the subjects of sexual encounters during alien abductions, the sensuality of vampires, and horny ghosts. Thanks to Penthouse for the heads-up!

Loren Coleman, an authority on America’s most famous monster, Sasquatch, and the author of Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America, has boldly dared to go where most other monster hunters fear to tread: in search of Bigfoot’s sex life. Coleman, the owner of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, states, “Too many American researchers were prudishly ignoring the sex angle. I started challenging Bigfooters that if you’re going to talk about this as a biological species, we have to take seriously that these things are having sex.”

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You’ll have to go to the Penthouse website to see the uncensored version of this photo. Pervert.

And maybe Bigfoot is not just having sex with its own kind. Coleman says, “I give a lecture called ‘Sex and the Single Sasquatch.’ People laugh at first, but then they start thinking. What I’ve found in the sexual realm is that, as opposed to the fantasy that most people might assume—of a well-endowed Bigfoot having sex with native girls—the reality of the sexual aspects is mostly in regard to human men being kidnapped to have sex with a younger, female Bigfoot.”

Coleman states that those who have been up-close-and-personal enough to see the male Bigfoot’s member have described it as being “very small.” For Coleman, this is a plus (although, perhaps not for Mrs. Bigfoot); he says, “This connects very favorably with the fact that gorillas and orangutans have small penises, too. This suggests that Bigfoot is also some type of ape.” He continues, “Bigfoot researchers have been so embarrassed by the sexuality of Bigfoot that they have been leaving out a major piece of data that, as serious researchers, we should be looking at, because it actually enhances our case that they’re real animals.”

To me, the sexuality of Bigfoot is the most interesting. The truth is, most researchers have dodged the sexuality angle when it comes to Bigfoot. If it’s just an undiscovered ape, then understanding the mating habits would be very important. And biologically speaking, I think it’s interesting that when penises are seen on a Bigfoot, they are relatively small, as they are on their known ape cousins (as well as Irish relatives).

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