Billy Ray Cyrus to Host SyFy Show, Crushes the Achy Breaky Hearts of UFO Enthusiasts

We’ve done our fair share of dissing the SyFy network around here lately, but when stories like this pop up, they just make it too easy for us to do so.  Case in point: this article I came across yesterday, reporting that Billy Ray Cyrus is going to be teaming up with his son to host a horribly-named show on SyFy.

UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obnoxious would have been a better title. Sidenote: oh the things that Billy Ray has done for men’s hairstyles and facial hair. A true fashion icon.

Syfy is getting into the Billy Ray Cyrus business, moving into development on “UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious,” a new reality skein in which conspiracy theories involving unexplained activity and paranormal phenomena are investigated. Cyrus and son Trace will travel cross-country and offer a skeptical solution to many of the theories. Pilot, to be produced by Peacock Prods., will be shot in a few weeks.

“The existence of paranormal phenomena is something I’ve always wanted to explore further,” Cyrus said. “Getting the opportunity to take this adventure with my son, who has always had a keen interest in this area, is a dream come true. I hope this series can shine a light on some of the activities we have questioned, and the mysteries that have long inspired us.”

Said Mark Stern, exec VP of original programming for Syfy: “Allegations of cover-up and conspiracy around unexplained phenomena has inspired heated debate for decades, and it will be interesting to see what truth Billy Ray and Trace may discover.”

Cyrus, a country music star who’s 1992 song “Achy Breaky Heart” made him a worldwide phenomenon, appeared as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” and hosted reality series “Nashville Star.” He also co-starred on Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” alongside his daughter, Miley Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus is quite the unexplained phenomenon himself.  How in the world does he keep getting work?  And this time he’s bringing along his little-known son for the ride.  He’s not the meal ticket that Miley turned out to be, but I guess SyFy’s hoping that featuring anyone with the Cyrus family name is enough to get some ratings.  The rest of us can only hope not.